About joe coffee

We take an artisanal approach to coffee, with the story behind the cup as much a focal point as the drink inside. There’s a growing awareness of how origins, farming, methods, and processing affect the flavor of coffee, and we’re on board with this “third wave” of coffee production and consumption. Quality transparency and maintaining human relationships throughout the entire supply chain are key to creating the perfect cup of joe you’ll drink here.

Provincetown’s iconic joe coffee establishment is owned by three friends—Mark Shaw, Peter McBrien, and Glenn Siegmund—known collectively as MPG, both for our initials and for the excellent mileage you’ll get from our caffeinated drinks.

We only employ baristas with top-notch skills and expertise who love to share their coffee knowledge with joe coffee’s customers, telling you the multi-layered stories behind the coffee beans. We think it all works together for a better cup of coffee.

Why not come in and find out for yourself?

About Joe Coffee ProvincetownAbout Joe Coffee Provincetown
About Joe Coffee Provincetown